“Stop Dating…………And Find Your Soul-mate!”

“Empowered for Success Radio Show”



Presents  “Stop Dating……And Find Your Soul-mate”!



Thursday 12/30/2010 7PM (Mountain)

With Featured Guest: Victoria Lynne Hannu



About Victoria Lynne Hannu
Victoria Lynne Hannu was never good at dating.  She grew up socially naïve with no positive role models for male/female relationships.
Victoria became an unwed mother at age 21 and married into an abusive relationship within four months of giving birth to her daughter.  Throughout her 11 year marriage, she suffered constant verbal abuse and finally listened to her inner guidance and divorced.
In spite of her abusive marriage, Victoria completed her education earning her bachelors of science and as a single mom, Victoria developed herself into a successful Software Development and IT professional; however, in her quest for love she kept finding men who turned out to be just wrong for her.  She knew what she didn’t want, but had no idea what she did want.  Simply put; she kissed a lot of frogs.
Tired of wasting time and wanting to find the person she could love and live with the rest of her life, Victoria took on the task to grow and do whatever it took to bring real love into her life.
She developed a process by which she found her soul mate.  Victoria met her husband Cris within 6 weeks of completing her process. They have been together happily for over 14 years.
Since then, Victoria has worked closely with dozens of women, and men, to manifest their Soul Mate.  Each one who has completed the process has found her soul mate.  Victoria believes that if you have the desire for True Love, your Soul Mate isn’t far away.
Victoria is a coach, speaker, author of the forthcoming book “Stop Dating!!!…And 3 Other Steps to Find, Attract and Keep Your Soul Mate” and has been a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show “Your Time with Kim” hosted by Kim Iverson.


About Ever Increasing Light!

Gabriel LeBlanc is a dynamic, Author, Radio Show Host, And Motivational Speaker, with more than 20 years experience as public speaker; he has conducted seminars and conferences throughout the country. His inspirational teaching has inspired and empowered people to live their dreams and walk in purpose! He has also served as a Sales and Business Development consultant for one of the top fortune 50 companies in the world. His weekly radio show “Ever Increasing Light” is heard by thousands of people each month on BlogTalk radio Gabriel is available for Motivational Speaking at your next event!
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