How To Be and Stay Sexy!

“Empowered for Success”
Radio Show

Thursday 1/27/2011 at 7PM (Mountain)

Presents: “How To Be and Stay Sexy”!

With featured guest and Sexy-Mom Allana Pratt

Allana Pratt is the Author of both How To Be And Stay Sexy and The Missing Handbook to Motherhood, columnist for eHarmony and Sexy Mom Expert on CBS, TLC & FOX. People Magazine reported Allana was the first person Leeza Gibbons called for coaching when she signed on with Dancing with the Stars. Allana got pregnant the week after her mom died, was divorced within a year and hit rock bottom. Now she’s developed a proven system to ignite passion, pleasure and confidence in women from the boardroom to the bedroom. She’s interviewed everyone from Whoopi Goldberg to Delta Burke who tell her things they haven’t told themselves! She hosted the #1 rated How Mama Got Her Groove Back, leads a team of interns from Cal Poly Pomona, sits as a National Advisory Council Member for the National Association For Moms In Business and is an Ambassador for Sexual Safety and Healing with This Cum Laude graduate of Columbia University who’s a small town Canadian girl at heart, is a walking example of When Mama’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy!


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What Will Set You Free!

Thursday 1/20/2011 at 7PM (Mountain)

Presents: What Will Set You Free!

With Featured Guest: Cynthia James

Cynthia is a lecturer, teacher and internationally renowned performing artist. She was the co-host of a talk show in Los Angeles. She has counseled thousands of people; in corporate environments, as one-on-one clients, couples and created youth programs. She’s facilitated hundreds of workshops and seminars and has been a featured speaker in business and spiritual forums.
Her life has transformed as she transcended her childhood of violence and abuse. Through education and personal healing, Cynthia created the foundation for this program and many other classes that integrate traditional therapeutic techniques, music, creativity and spiritual processes.
Ms. James graduated from two Masters Degree programs, one in spiritual psychology and one in consciousness studies. She currently serves as an associate minister at Mile Hi Church, one of the largest new thought spiritual centers in the world, with a congregation of over 10,000 member and friends.
Cynthia lives and thrives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with her husband Carl.

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“The Power of Radical Forgiveness”

“Empowered for Success”
Radio Show

Thursday 1/13/2011 at 7PM (Mountain)

“The Power of Radical Forgiveness”

With featured guest: Donna Michael


Donna Michael, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a highly regarded motivational speaker, Radical Forgiveness coach, ordained minister, spiritual counselor and internationally-known recording artist whose vision is to offer a “message and music that unites all of us and divides none of us.”
As a forgiveness coach, workshop facilitator, and creator of “Possibility Programs—Live Your Limitless Life!” she guides clients and audiences to discover, release and replace long-held “disbelief’s” with the “real truth” of who they are and who they can become.
As a speaker and performer, she has shared the stage with many well-known authors such as Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Rhonda Britten. As a recording artist, her music for inspiration, celebration, creativity relaxation and renewal has been described as “food for the soul” and “wonderfully healing”

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“Stop Dating…………And Find Your Soul-mate!”

“Empowered for Success Radio Show”


Presents  “Stop Dating……And Find Your Soul-mate”!



Thursday 12/30/2010 7PM (Mountain)

With Featured Guest: Victoria Lynne Hannu

About Victoria Lynne Hannu
Victoria Lynne Hannu was never good at dating.  She grew up socially naïve with no positive role models for male/female relationships.
Victoria became an unwed mother at age 21 and married into an abusive relationship within four months of giving birth to her daughter.  Throughout her 11 year marriage, she suffered constant verbal abuse and finally listened to her inner guidance and divorced.
In spite of her abusive marriage, Victoria completed her education earning her bachelors of science and as a single mom, Victoria developed herself into a successful Software Development and IT professional; however, in her quest for love she kept finding men who turned out to be just wrong for her.  She knew what she didn’t want, but had no idea what she did want.  Simply put; she kissed a lot of frogs.
Tired of wasting time and wanting to find the person she could love and live with the rest of her life, Victoria took on the task to grow and do whatever it took to bring real love into her life.
She developed a process by which she found her soul mate.  Victoria met her husband Cris within 6 weeks of completing her process. They have been together happily for over 14 years.
Since then, Victoria has worked closely with dozens of women, and men, to manifest their Soul Mate.  Each one who has completed the process has found her soul mate.  Victoria believes that if you have the desire for True Love, your Soul Mate isn’t far away.
Victoria is a coach, speaker, author of the forthcoming book “Stop Dating!!!…And 3 Other Steps to Find, Attract and Keep Your Soul Mate” and has been a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show “Your Time with Kim” hosted by Kim Iverson.

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“90 Days of Inspiration”!

Presents “90 Days of Inspiration”!

With featured guest: Sheri Kaye Hoff

Thursday 12/23/2010 7PM Mountain

From Coach Sheri: I  know you are an achiever, but you, just like everyone, need some support and some inspiration…to help you make it all happen.
And I can show you how, in my inspiring new eBook: Living Successfully and Joyfully Every Day: 90 Days of Inspiration
We’ll focus on creating a joy filled and successful life for you, every moment of every day.
So ask yourself this critical question:
What could I accomplish in 90 days?
And then consider….What if your life could just flow?
Would you feel differently about things?  Would situations bother you less?  Would you wake up each morning with a transformed outlook and a new spring in your step?
There’s only one way to find out.

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“Empowered for Success”
Radio Show

Presents :


Thursday 12/9/2010 6PM (PST)  7PM (Mountain)

With Special Guest Chantal Beaupre


Being myself a voracious happiness seeker, I realized that being happy from the inside out can be accomplished by learning from the masters—those who have blazed the trail for others to follow.
Therefore, I spent over twenty-five years studying psyche, emotions, human behavior, and the mind, but it wasn’t until I met Bob Proctor that I gained the wisdom that I needed to make sense of the great deal of knowledge I had acquired during those years.
My connection with the world’s premier provider in personal development allows me not only to offer the most extensive programs with the best curriculum, but also to be in a position to assist my clients in achieving their heart’s desires.

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“A Conversation With Betsy Thompson”

“Empowered for Success”
Radio Show


A conversation with Betsy Thompson

Thursday 12/2/2010 6PM (PST) 7PM (Mountain)


In addition to writing The Mirror Theory, the first book in her trilogy on the life of Jesus,
Betsy Otter Thompson is the author of four other books that were published and distributed through her own company, Ascension Publishing.
These books are now out of print but Betsy hopes to eventually have a reprinting.
They are as follows:

LOVEPARENT: How To Be The Parent You Hope To Be (1991);
LOVEHUMAN: How To Be Who You Love (1992);
YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK: Make Your Thoughts Delicious (1993);
The WHAT HAPPENS IF I…Book: How To Make Action/Reaction Work For You
Instead Of Against You (1996).
THE MIRROR THEORY: The Way to Inner Peace, Resolution and Transformation (2005);
WALKING THROUGH ILLUSION: Jesus Speaks of the People who Shared his Journey (2010)

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A Special Thanksgiving Event!

“Empowered for Success”
Radio Show

Presents a Special “Thanksgiving” Event!

Thursday 11/25/2010   6PM (PST) 7PM (Mountain)

With Special Guest Dawn Hogan

Certified Life Coach

Dawn Hogan is a Certified Life Coach, a professional speaker and workshop
presenter. She specializes in personal and professional confidence life
coaching. Ensuring her coaching sessions provide the necessary support,
encouragement and understanding needed to create changes and bring balance
to her clients personal and professional life.  In return they see
unlimited possibilities and are able to put them into practice.


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“Speak The Word Only”!

Speak your desire and prayer with faith and confidence! There is power in the spoken word! In fact, your words will either bring death or life, good or bad!

Proverbs 18:21 (King James Version)  21Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Say what you want, NOT what you don’t! The universe is ready and willing to bring your every desire to pass! Speak the WORD ONLY!


And so it is………

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“Behold The Beauty Around Us”!

Hello World!

I am relaxing and contemplating on all the beauty that surrounds us!

The ancient scripture tells us that everything that God has created is only GOOD:

Genesis 1 (New International Version) 31: God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.

As we consider this day and look at ourselves, we must say to ourselves, perhaps in a mirror:

“I AM good and very good! I am the workmanship of God, the Master creator”

Ephesians 2 (Amplified Bible) 10: For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship)

The good news is, God is NOT finished working on YOU his wonderful masterpiece!

Philippians 1 (New International Version) 6:  being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Perhaps today we can relax and allow him to do HIS thing in us!


And so it is……..

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